"Surviving the Storm: Finding the Best New Normal"

Joy is a voice of experience sharing her passion that older adults and their families find their path through life’s transitions, including connecting them with necessary resources.


Author, Speaker, Caregiving Coach

Joy Davidson is a voice of experience in working with older adults and their families. Through her own personal experiences as well as being an ordained minister, she has the knowledge and compassion to work with families to go through the end of life process – helping to navigate the emotional, physical and technical aspects of this journey of life.

Joy’s Book

Surviving the Storm: Finding the Best New NormalJoy helped her mother navigate her journey with Vascular Dementia. This life-changing season propelled Joy into writing and speaking about utilizing life’s storms for growth with a positive attitude.





“When it came time for my mother to enter a nursing home, Joy became the person of contact during this emotional time. Joy took the lead in the effort to place my mother in a quality facility. This was a tremendous help and mental release on me as I live 1300 miles away and could not have done 90% of the work that she did …”

Surviving the Storm …

Joy’s book, "Surviving the Storm: Finding the Best New Normal," details her journey through an eight month flood of change describing how her faith guided her to a new season of life.
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